Prioritise Pedestrians over Cars

In a densely populated neighbourhood, new traffic signal will favour pedestrians –

= prioritizing pedestrians over cars in dense, multimodal neighborhoods.


The traffic signal known as a “Barnes dance” or “pedestrian scramble” is making a resurgence in urban areas across the country as people ditch cars in favor of walking and cycling.

In Columbia Heights, the new signal will give pedestrians about 30 seconds to cross 14th and Irving streets in any direction while all cars are stopped. Youngbluth said the intersection will have a different rhythm than pedestrians and vehicles are accustomed to.




Cette semaine a lieu la 4ième semaine de sécurité routière des NAtions Unies avec le slogan “Ralentissez” p. Sauver des Vies


Si un piéton ou un cycliste est heurté par une voiture à 55km/h le risque de mourir est de 90%. Si la vitesse d’impact par contre est 30km/h le risque va vers zéro.

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