Urgent action needed to tackle deaths of pedestrians and cyclists

A new Pin Flash Report published by ETSC today is calling on more action concerning the safety of vru´s (vulnerable road users)

french Resumé: Pin 38 F

Deaths ( and serious injuries ?) of cyclists in the EU have fallen eight times more slowly than deaths of motor vehicle occupants in the EU since 2010,  ETSC is calling for urgent action to ensure that sustainable modes of transport such as walking and cycling, are made much safer.


99% of pedestrian deaths, and 83% of cyclist deaths recorded are as a consequence of an impact with a motor vehicle.  These groups are, by far, the least likely to harm other road users.

The research revealed that half of all cyclists and pedestrians that die on EU roads are over the age of 65. Older people are more fragile and less able to recover from serious injuries. However, Europe’s aging population needs to stay active and mobile for reasons of health and wellbeing. ETSC says the challenge is how to improve safety while walking or cycling, particularly for high-risk groups such as the elderly and children.


What can ( should) be done:


Report 38 (pdf): 38e PIN FLASH ETSC

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