Mobility can be made safer by reducing car travel and moving people

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Through safely designed mass transport & walking and biking infrastructure.

Thoughtful design that protects all road users pedestrians and bicyclists, from improved crossings and intersections to traffic calming that reduces high impact crashes.

Take a Complete Streets approach

Complete streets make it safe and convenient for people of all ages and abilities to reach their destination whether by car, train, bike, or foot. A Complete Streets approach starts with a policy commitment to prioritize and integrate all road users into every transportation project.

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With the encouragement of active travel modes it is expected that walking and cycling will continue to increase.

Coordination with Urban Planning

Both the safety and amenity provided to pedestrians & cyclists could be improved by better cooperation between road safety professionals and urban planners.

The planning context within which towns and cities are managed will play an important role in determining the extent to which these injuries are reduced, particularly in relation to encouraging active travel and injuries to vulnerable road users.

(source: embarq, pictures: DVR,J.Mersch)


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